Bryan Cranston To Add A Different Kind Of ‘Rock’ To His Resume

08.31.12 7 years ago 2 Comments

In his ongoing attempt to dominate, I mean, appear in every good show ever, including Breaking Bad, Archer, SNL, Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle, The X-Files, The Simpsons, and American Dad!, Bryan Cranston will soon leave the comfy confines of Albuquerque and, um, those other series for the father pig-ridden pastures of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

“We’re going to meet Kenneth’s [family],” promises [30 Rock] exec producer/star Tina Fey, who’s revealed exclusively to TV Guide Magazine that “Kenneth’s mom will be played by Catherine O’Hara and his mom’s ‘friend’ Ron will be Bryan Cranston.”

The scene-stealer from those Christopher Guest movies and the Breaking Bad Emmy-winner just signed on for their appearances, so there’s still no word on when or why they show up during the comedy’s upcoming final season. But since Fey tells us that Kenneth and Hazel (Kristen Schaal) will be engaged in a “non-sexual boyfriend-girlfriend thing” when the show returns, it’s possible Mama Parcell and the man her son loathes will trade Stone Mountain for Manhattan to counsel him on the facts of life. (Via)

One day, it’s going to happen. Cranston is the star of the best show on TV, said “danger zone” on arguably the best comedy on TV, has a fun name to say while shaking your first and screaming at the sky, is an all-around nice guy, AND he lost his virginity to a hooker. He seems too perfect, right? One day, around the time Google makes everyone’s porn viewing history public (“Jimmy, can you explain what father pig watersports is?”), Cranston is going to reveal his true self: a racist, swastika-adorned Two and a Half Men fan who kicks corgis for fun — and we’d probably still like him. CRRANNSSSSTTOOOONNNN. See?

Also, Catherine O’Hara is awesome.


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