Bryan Cranston Knows What He’d Want For Jessie In A ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie


The Breaking Bad movie is like the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. It was never going to happen until it actually happened because there was way too much money to be made. Less than two weeks ago that work had apparently begun on Greenbrier, a movie that may or may not exist.

Is Aaron Paul filming a Breaking Bad movie? Only time will tell. Bryan Cranston has already said that he would appear in the movie, but he still seems unsure if he is appearing in a Breaking Bad movie. According to IndieWire, Cranston said he’s “not positive” it’s even happening, but he did seem enthused about it and whether he could somehow find his way into the project.

Via IndieWire:

“So I’m not positive that it’s actually happening or if I’m even – I don’t even know what I would be doing in it! I honestly don’t know any of that stuff. But Walter White is dead. How would we? I don’t know. Unless it’s all flashbacks.”

So is Cranston involved? It seems unlikely that he would be in the dark, so maybe he is just trying to keep things quiet? But he does apparently have some ideas about what he’d like the movie to be.

Here’s what he would like to see out of Jesse’s possibly post-Breaking Bad story:

“I would like to see — and again I have no idea if this is what [Vince is] thinking about — I would like to see [Jesse] struggle to break that mold and eventually break out and find his own real true calling,” he said. “Something that empowered him as a human being, that is on the straight and narrow, that allows him to be able to open up, to let another human being into his life. And be happy. ‘Cause I don’t sense that he was really ever happy.”

It’s such a good idea that it almost can’t not exist, right? It seems the only real barrier keeping the movie from being made is Vince Gilligan wanting the film to be worthy of the Breaking Bad legacy. But there’s certainly enough smoke here to think that something is going on.