Bryan Cranston Couldn’t Be More Humble, Charming, Witty, Smart & Lovable In This Charlie Rose Interview

04.08.14 8 Comments

By now it’s no secret that Bryan Cranston is just all-around awesome guy. Stories of him being kind, generous and selfless abound at this point, stories shared by a broad spectrum of people, from those who’ve worked with him to fans who’ve been lucky enough to meet him, as our own Josh Kurp did on the set of Breaking Bad last year. So it’s safe to say that he’s someone who’s hard not to like and pull for.

That said, over the weekend I watched an interview Charlie Rose did with Cranston that PBS aired on Friday night and was blown away by how great of an interview subject he was. Couple that with the fact that Charlie Rose is one of the best interviewers in the business and you have a throughly interesting and entertaining hour of television.

The interview took place at the Neil Simon Theater in New York where Cranston is currently portraying former president Lyndon Johnson in All the Way (which I am DYING to see). Early reviews have praised Cranston’s performance and he seems to be savoring every second of starring in a Broadway play and playing a meaty role that he’s thrown himself headlong in to. The opening of the interview, where Cranston describes what it felt like to see his name on the marquee for the first time, is by itself well worth watching, a reminder that dreams do come true and that good guys do sometimes win at life. Enjoy.

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