Bryan Cranston Channels His ‘Isle Of Dogs’ Character For ‘Colbert,’ Shares A Hilarious Acting Class Make Out Story

Bryan Cranston is always a welcome fellow to see on a talk show. He tells great stories, he seems to always be up for incredibly silly comedy bits and can host your show for you if delivery of a baby gets in the way. (Be more schedule-friendly, infants!) As is his reliable way, The Cranman had another lovely visit to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.

Cranston appeared on Friday’s edition of the CBS program and among other things, he was willing to channel his stop-motion animated canine alter-ego Chief from Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs for the Late Show. As you can see from the clip and even this screenshot, it’s all good fun. See! It’s a cinematic dog about to pee on a mug.


The true highlight of the latest Cranston-Colbert interview comes before the doggo discussion where Cranston revealed a corker of a story about going to school to be a policeman and what it was like taking a drama class where he had a scene involving making out with a classmate. Things seem to be going hunky dory for 19-year-old Bryan Cranston, but as he shared with Colbert, his experience was a bit different than his more acting-savvy scene partner. We’ll let him tell the tale. It’s a good one.