Watch Bryan Cranston Tell Letterman About The Embarassing Time He Forgot His Lines On Stage

It is hard to believe that a professional talent like Bryan Cranston would ever flub his lines, but it’s happened according to this Letterman interview. Worst yet, it happened in front of one of the greatest actors of our current generation: Mark Harmon.

Can you imagine Walter White forgetting part of his formula for meth? The entire show might’ve ended with one season and Jesse would still be throwing chili powder into his weird stoner meth. Past that, imagine the legendary Mark Harmon’s thoughts when he saw this face across from him on stage:

Who would think that this man would go on to start in arguably the greatest television series of all time? Actually that’s probably what everyone said before Breaking Bad even started and they were proved wrong. Pay no attention. You’re multi-talented, Cranston, and one day you’ll be as good as Mark Harmon, I promise.

(Via The Late Show)