If You Write Bryan Cranston A Letter He Will Send You An Ominously Autographed Headshot

In this week’s edition of Bryan Cranston IS THE BEST we have fun image just shared by a Redditor in r/BreakingBad with the brief caption, “In September, I wrote a letter to Bryan Cranston for English class. This came in the mail today!”

It’s really no surprise that Cranston replied with a fun autograph (full enlargeable image below, btw), especially given his penchant for helping out kids in school. The real surprise is that there’s a high school or college English class where you get to write fan letters to talented actors on television’s best dramas. Starting to feel kind of bullsh*t that instead of an autographed photo of James Gandolfini telling me I’m a good earner I still don’t know what the hell Chaucer was writing about.

Special note to Mr. Cranston (who I assume is an avid reader): When you’re signing one for me I would not be disappointed if it included an obscure Destiny’s Child reference.

Via Reddit. GIF via Tumblr.