Bryan Cranston Gets A ‘Super Sweet Sixtieth’ For The Ages On ‘Kimmel’

Bryan Cranston’s sixtieth birthday was not one that he or anybody in his family will forget for a long time. Or at least until they’re likely dead in the ground (with beautiful caskets). Takes a cue from MTV’s Super Sweet 16, Cranston becomes an instant diva who wants to have the greatest sixtieth birthday party in history.

To help, Jimby Kimble and his partner Guillermo bring some ideas for a great party and a selection of special guests to help turn this normal party into a slice of magic. There’s even talk of a real man-eating lion, which is something that only the best parties have.

The party itself is the real treasure, especially when Cranston has a tense run in with his Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul. Some things are said about Trumbo that don’t seem to have been on the script, so emotions were definitely high.

During the interview portion, Cranston goes into some detail about his portrayal of Lyndon Johnson in All The Way. This includes some of Johnson’s famous bathroom habits while having meetings, leading to a funny moment with Kimmel and a handful of tissue. We also get a chance to find out why Cranston and President Obama share the same sense of fashion.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)