Bryan Cranston Morphs Into Lyndon B. Johnson In This Awesome Time-Lapse Video

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HBO Films has a prestige offering on the way, but based on its title, we can understand if you assumed it was a high school comedy about nerds turning into party animals in a bid to lose their virginity. Yup! It’s time to talk about the pay cable movie All the Way.

Emmy-certified Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston stars as Lyndon B. Johnson in the upcoming film, an adaptation of a play that earned Cranston raves and accolades for his work as LBJ. We’ve already been treated to some sneak peeks, and now a video’s bubbled up of the remarkable makeup process Cranston went through to resemble the 36th President of the United States. No radical plastic surgery was required, just a lot of time being patient as professionals stick things to your face. It truly is the ultimate “Let Us Play With Your Look.”

Clocking in at under a minute, this time lapse video displays the amount of work to get Cranston’s head reworked to resemble a president who was surprisingly his junior at the age he’s portraying him as. That’s not exactly a pop at LBJ, it’s just that Cranston is a really handsome dude at 60. There have certainly been more ambitious time-lapse clips, but this will definitely grab your attention.

All the Way and LBCranston will make their official TV debut on May 21 on HBO.

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