Here Are The 14 TV Shows On The Cancellation Bubble

It’s April now, which means that the end of the traditional television season is approaching, which also means it’s the last few weeks for several shows (14, in fact) to demonstrate whether they can hang on to a large enough audience to ensure renewal. Decisions will likely be made on them before the month is out. According to USA Today, here are the 14 shows that are still on the bubble (as well as the shows likely to be renewed, and likely to be cancelled. Sorry Hannibal fans).

On the Bubble

There’s not too much surprising on this list. I’m happy to see that Trophy Wife and Suburgatory are still possibilities for renewal, and I think that Community is much closer to renewal than not. Dan Harmon and the gang are basically moving ahead as though it were a certainty. Parenthood, despite a down season, I suspect will also be back. Almost Human has less of a chance if Fox finds any good dramas in its pilot slate because the modeset ratings don’t justify the expense.

ABC: Last Man Standing, Mixology, Nashville, Revenge, Suburgatory, Trophy Wife

CBS: The Crazy Ones

Fox: Almost Human, Dads

NBC Community, Law & Order: SVU, Parenthood

CW: Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie, The 100

Already Cancelled (or Not a Chance in Hell)

There’s nothing here that is surprising EXCEPT, what? They’ve already moved Hannibal to the sure-to-be-cancelled pile? Come on! I think it still has a small shot, if only because it’s small base is very passionate and it’s a Friday show so less is expected of it. The other show that hasn’t officially been cancelled, Enlisted, unfortunately has no such chance in hell.