Star Of MTV's 'Buckwild' Nabbed In West Virginia Oxycodone Bust

02.12.13 22 Comments

If there are two things I’ve learned from watching Justified, they would be (1) that you can shoot anyone you want if you are wearing a cowboy hat, and (2) that everyone who lives south of the Mason-Dixon line is either in law enforcement or involved in a criminal drug enterprise. And the news that Salwa Amin, star of MTV’s redneck Jersey Show show Buckwild, was busted with a ton of Oxycodone in a drug raid this weekend has done absolutely nothing to disprove either of those.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers moved in where they found Amin and two other individuals, Shawn Booker and Jason Jones, the owner of the residence, hiding in a shed outside. A search subsequently turned up on Salwa a large quantity of Oxycodone in her purse while Booker had a sizeable amount of cash. Additionally, three bags of heroin were found in the shed.

[Summersville Police Chief J.] Nowak said that Jones told police that Amin and Booker had transported the drugs to his home to distribute to other parties. [E!]

Yeesh. Getting arrested in a shed sounds terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly want to get arrested anywhere. But I DEFINITELY don’t want to get arrested in a shed.

CELLMATE: What’re you in for?

ME: I got busted with Oxy.

CELLMATE: Me too. Cops kicked down the door of my bar and came in guns blazin’. I ran out and hopped on my Harley, but the pigs put two in my thigh and one in my tire. Only made it five miles before they surrounded me and brought me in. How’d they catch you?

ME: I was hiding in a shed with dudes named Shawn and Jason.

CELLMATE: Oh. [long pause] I am going to murder you now.

Yeah. No thank you to that.

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