Bud Light’s Next Super Bowl Ad Involves A Human-Sized Pac-Man Maze

Bud Light pulled out all the stops for its “Up For Whatever” advertising campaign during last year’s Super Bowl. Among other things, it featured a game of ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, and a llama. “That’s cool and all,” you probably thought back then, “but how will they top that in 2015?” The answer is a human-sized Pac-Man maze.

LAist collected these two awesome photos from the event:

According to the Chicago Tribune:

…the commercial is called coin and will run for 60 seconds during this year’s Super Bowl. Spoilers: but it sounds like the ad is about a man who receives a message in a beer bottle and is then told to go outside, given a giant coin, and gets a chance to play this life-sized version of the classic arcade game. (Via Game Informer)

Participants and onlookers took to social media to share their excitement, including Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer:

This is all for a 60-second commercial during the Super Bowl. Combined with Variety’s May 2014 report that NBC wants $4.5 million per 30-second spot, this means Bud Light at minimum spent $9 million on this life-sized Pac-Man maze. I wonder if they paid NBC with 3.6 billion quarters.

(Via Game Informer and LAist)