A ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Reboot Is ‘Frequently’ Discussed, But Only With Joss Whedon’s Involvement

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03.13.18 4 Comments
buffy the vampire slayer reboot


Twin Peaks. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Roseanne. One Day at a Time. The X-Files. Lost In Space. Every day, it feels like there’s an announcement that an old show (Murphy Brown!) is getting a reboot, revival, re-imagining, whatever, because there’s nothing more powerful than nostalgia. When even The Sopranos, one of the most influential series in TV history, is receiving the prequel treatment, there’s no telling what’s next. Okay, maybe there is.

While speaking at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem, Fox TV group chair Gary Newman said, “I think if you look in our library, Buffy is probably the most ripe show we have for bringing back.” He’s, of course, referring to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the long-running WB-turned-UPN series about a chosen one who fights vampires, demons, forces of darkness, and a loan shark that’s literally a shark. It was a great show (even with the loan shark), and one “we talk about frequently” according to Newman. In fact, it’s one “yes” away from returning.

“Joss Whedon is really one of the greatest creators we ever worked with,” he said. “When Joss decides it’s time, we’ll do it. And until Joss decides it’s time, it won’t happen.” Newman, who joked that if he were to actually announce anything about the Scooby gang, he “wouldn’t get out of the building alive,” acknowledged that reboots have a built-in advantage because “in this world with nearly 500 scripted series, getting a leg up on marketing is an opportunity.”

Until anything’s official, however, a Buffy revival is just a… Potential.

(Via Variety)

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