Butt Slapping Is The New ‘Trend’ That’s Destroying Everything Great About America

Every week, local news finds something not-real to really freak out over. When it’s not the Knockout Game, it’s the Choking Game. When it’s not the Chewing Flintstones Chewable Vitamins Laced with Acid Game (I’m assuming that’s a thing), it’s Butt Slapping, which one mother of a middle school student in Land O’Lakes, Florida, had “never heard of it until it happened to my daughter. I was very shocked.” How shocked? Shocked enough that her story begins with the disclaimer, “The videos may disturb some parents: young students slapping the behinds of others.”

Crosby says when she heard about the slapping of bottoms, the school immediately got to the bottom of it. She says it’s not going to be tolerated in the Pasco County School system. (Via)

This is a serious enough issue that butt puns are being employed. Won’t somebody please of the child(ren’s butts?).

(Via WTSP)