12-Year-Old Cailey Fleming Is Dying To Spoil The Next Part Of ‘The Walking Dead’

When last we left The Walking Dead, Siddiq had been killed, Michonne had set sail toward a naval base with a new character, Virgil, and Negan had ingratiated himself with Alpha inside The Whisperers (while also trolling Beta).

In fact, the very last scene we saw Negan in, he was bending the knee for to Alpha, offering information on Alexandria and readying himself for a skin suit. And why not? What did he owe Alexandria, which imprisoned him for eight years, eventually allowed him out long enough to tend a garden, and then intimated that they were ready to execute him over a murder he did not commit. So, he’s going to turn on Alexandria, right? He’s going to join forces with Alpha, and they’re going to bring down all the allied communities, right?

Well, if you ask 12-year-old Cailey Fleming, who plays Rick Grimes’ daughter and Negan’s best friend, she’s happy that Negan has escaped, but not exactly for the reasons you might expect, as she said on Instagram Live over the weekend. “He was just picking tomatoes, right? He had this bodyguard and all he could do was pick tomatoes and he’d go back in his cell.” That’s no kind of life, which is why Judith thinks Negan can be more useful on the outside of Alexandria but on the inside of The Whisperers.

“He can be useful for the Whisperers, and he could help with the whole Whisperer thing that’s gonna… the Whisperer thing that I can’t talk about.” Wait, what? What is it that Fleming can’t talk about!?

Comic readers know that what comes next is a really big deal, and Fleming seems to want to reveal it more than anything. “It’s so hard not to spoil anything. It is like the hardest thing in the whole entire world, because I like to tell people what’s gonna happen, but I can’t, because I have to keep it all in until the episode comes out.”

Poor Fleming. She clearly hates keeping a huge secret, but to her credit, she’s doing a splendid job of keeping mum. However, she did not manage to keep secret the return of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie this season, even though she wasn’t scheduled to return until season 11.

“For Maggie’s return, I am so excited about it! I’m so excited for you guys to see it. It’s gonna be amazing,” Fleming said. “That’s all I’ll say.”

I think she’s said enough.

(Via TWD on Instagram)