What The Hell Was This Car Rental Company Thinking With This Caitlyn Jenner Ad?

caitlyn jenner
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There’s bad marketing, and then there’s this whopper from Sixt Rent A Car, which an Uproxx staffer’s wife came across as promoted content in her Facebook feed this afternoon. In a Twitter feed which is otherwise comprised of mostly responding to customer complaints, Sixt let this bomb drop on Tuesday:

At the time of this writing, the tweet is still live, but I took a screenshot instead of embedding it because, well, it’s obviously highly unlikely that it will be for very much longer. How it never occurred to anyone that maybe in this PC society we’re living in now, that maybe comparing someone’s personal struggle and subsequent transition to a car isn’t a real humdinger of an idea? Then again, these are the most words I’ve ever designated to a rental car company in my life, so maybe that’s exactly what they intended.

Here’s the original ad from Facebook:

(H/T @allisonperry)