Call Your Cardiologist And Get Your Coronary Stents Ready Because Paula Deen Is Going On Tour, Y’all!

Paula Deen is taking her brand of butter-drenched, fun loving racism on a 20-show nationwide live tour this summer. And by “nationwide” obviously we just mean “basically the red states” part of the nation, since so far she’s booked for Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and — of course — multiple stops in Florida. The Miami New Times reports:

The tour, aptly called Paula Deen Live!, will be an interactive 90-minute show that includes cooking demonstrations, games, and stories. Yes, that means fans will be asked to get onstage to help Deen make some of her favorite recipes and play. Deen’s husband, Michael Groover, will also be on hand to share personal stories.

The chef and entrepreneur confirms that, indeed, the show will feature lots of audience participation, including some of her all-time favorite parlor games. “We are going to play musical chairs and the dating game with the audience. That’s the excitement of it all — my fans get to be a part of the show,” she says. “I’ll also invite some folks in the audience to come onstage and cook with me.”

Of course they’re leaving out Paula Deen’s most favorite of parlor games, Pin the Tail on the Tar Baby. But sh*t, gotta save something for the VIP pass holders, right?