The So-Called ‘Greatest Clip’ In ‘The Soup’ History Involves A Dog And A Cheerio

09.12.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

One of my many achievable life goals is to stage an Anchorman-style brawl with the stars of the best The Soup clips from over the years, be they animal, human, or Boo Boo. Spaghetti Cat would be there, using his plate as a shield against the poultry bombs being flung by CHICKEN TETRAZZINI. Watch out for Dunka Doo Balls and her rolling dunka doo balls…of doom. “I’M SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW” Man would continue to yell “I’M SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW,” hoping to rupture eardrums, while Nathaniel dances up a literal storm, killing millions. VA-JAY-JAY.

But only one viral star would reign supreme, at least according to Joel McHale, who dubbed what you’re about to see the “greatest clip we’ve ever shown.” It stars a dog and a Cheerio, and I’m calling it: “Cheeriohno.”

Then this happened:

That dog 4 mayor.

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