Can A Rape Joke Be Funny? The 15 Best Lines From Last Night’s ‘The League’ On FX

There were two episodes of The League last night, and while both were good, the second one with Raffi was the obviously superior one. The first one, “The Anchor Baby,” had some good stuff, including the bare ass of Ruxin’s wife, the anchor baby premise, the friend-off, and poor Andre’s psychological condition. The second one was great, in part because of Rafi, and in part because it was simply a better written episode. A few months ago, Daniel Tosh got in trouble for making a rape joke and the Internet entered into the GREAT DEBATE OF 2012: CAN A RAPE JOKE BE FUNNY? I had the feeling that this episode was likely inspired by it. I will leave you to decide whether you think a rape joke CAN be funny, but I will say that “”Bro-Lo El Cordero” was DEFINITELY funny.

Here were the 15 Best lines from last night’s episodes.