Can You Spot All The ‘Community’ References In The Official Season 6 Poster?

Senior Pop Culture Editor
02.17.15 14 Comments

If everything you knew about Community was based on the poster below, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a goofy sitcom about a ragtag group of misfits on a road trip across this great nation. Also, that guy from The Soup looks good in purple. Well, the Joel McHale part of that is right. Everything else? Not so much. I don’t know where the rest of Abed is, or how the Human Being got shotgun, or who’s car that is, but I am glad that the poster’s full of references, from Chang’s churros to Kickpuncher swag to Troy’s soul being stuck in that evil troll (I’m assuming).

I guarantee that someone in Colorado already has that license plate. Here’s a better look.

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