Carl Has To Die On ‘The Walking Dead’ So That Negan Can Live

02.01.18 4 months ago 16 Comments


In the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, we discover that Carl has been bitten by a zombie. Fans fully expect that he will die in the midseason premiere. I don’t buy for a second the fan theory currently in circulation suggesting that Carl will survive the zombie bite owing to scar tissue on the place of infection, stemming from being shot back in season two.

Carl will die. Chandler Riggs already lamented that his death isn’t as epic as he’d have liked; Norman Reedus has expressed displeasure with the character’s death; and his father has ripped AMC for killing off Riggs.

If Carl dies, then that means the flash-forward of Old Man Rick in the season premiere cannot happen. Carl is in that happy future scene following the events of the All Out War, and if Carl is dead, then that future scene must be a dream, or a hallucination, or possibly a scene that Carl conjured in his notebook, as seen in an image from the midseason premiere.


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