Watch Carly Fiorina Refuse To Be Bullied At Tonight’s GOP Debate

Once it became apparent that Carly Fiorina was going to take a spot on the main stage at Wednesday’s CNN GOP Debate, all eyes were on her to address Donald Trump’s comments regarding her “persona.” She did, but it didn’t stop there. Trump’s comments on her tenure with Hewlett-Packard were brought up during a spirited debated on their respective careers, and she stood her ground. So much that a lot of folks are impressed and claim that Fiorina might be climbing up the polls following this debate.

Even when Chris Christie chimed in and tried to be a bit of a bullying voice of reason, knocking their careers in respects to the career of many in the middle class, Fiorina didn’t back down and brought it right back to his record and the issues.

Despite what you might think about Fiorina with regard to her political thoughts and her career, you have to admit that she’s coming out of this debate looking like a serious contender compared to some of the others still in the presidential race. It’s some sort of anti-Trump bump and it seems to have worked for now for Fiorina (and failed for Jeb Bush).

(Via CNN)