Melissa McBride May Have Dropped A Big Hint At The Fate Of Daryl In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7

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04.16.16 10 Comments

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season six and possible season seven. If you hate spoilers, turn away now.

Melissa McBride sat down for a chat with the Los Angeles Times, part of a live interview streamed across their Facebook platform, and it seems that she very well could’ve saved a certain Walking Dead fan favorite from getting bashed to death by Negan and his baseball bat.

When we left Rick Grimes and his crew at the end of seasons six, Carol had gone off on her own and ends up getting shot. Morgan shows up to save her and ends up taking her for help — possibly to The Kingdom. She’s in a bad way, but so is her counterpart on the show, Daryl. He’s also carrying around a bullet, but possibly ends up at the end of Negan’s lovely Lucille. Things don’t look good for either of them, but McBride manages to hint at a future for both on the show:

“It’s going to be interesting in season seven to see how these characters alone deal with the situations that they are in…”As far as, ‘what is their relationship?’ It’s just Daryl and Carol.””

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