Watch Carol Lose It Less Than A Minute Into ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere

(WARNING: AMC released the first few minutes of The Walking Dead‘s midseason premiere, so if you don’t want to know what happens, here’s your chance to run.)

For those who may have forgotten, the midseason finale of The Walking Dead saw Carol use Lydia as a pawn to turn Gamma against Lydia’s mother, Alpha. Carol thought she could outsmart Alpha by turning Gamma against her. What Carol didn’t figure, however, was that Alpha had been anticipating just such a thing, so when Carol asked Gamma where Alpha would be, Gamma gave Carol information Alpha had specifically fed to her.

As a result, when Carol spotted Alpha in the midseason finale, it was all part of Alpha’s plan. Alpha was not surprised when Carol followed her through the forest and into a cave. In fact, Alpha was counting on it, and she got doubly lucky that several of Carol’s friends also tagged along. Carol led Aaron, Daryl, Jerry, Magna, Kelly, and Connie right into Alpha’s booby trap, leaving them stranded inside a cave surrounded by zombies, while there are Whisperers now blocking the only exit.

This, of course, all dawns on Carol in the opening minute of The Walking Dead season premiere when — while surrounded by zombies — she looks up and spots Alpha looking down upon her. That is when Carol — 48 seconds into the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead — completely loses it, in a way that we typically do not see from the otherwise composed Carol. Watch below.

Thanks to some spoilers in trailers, teasers, and images released ahead of season 10b, we know that Carol will survive the cave situation, along with several others. However, there’s a lack of evidence, so far, showing whether one fan favorite will make it out alive. We’ll find out for sure this Sunday when The Walking Dead returns, along with a rare sexual content rating.