Will Smith And James Corden Take ‘Carpool Karaoke: The Series’ To New Heights In Its Celeb-Heavy Trailer

Affable Brit James Corden didn’t invent the concept of singing inside a moving vehicle (that was either Bette Midler or Cleopatra), but he’s managed to turn the pastime into something celebrities are over the moon to take part in. Granted, that doesn’t mean Bruno Mars will give you a ride to the airport, but hey stars they’re just like… well, not us, but us-adjacent!

The Late Late Show‘s most popular segment has been in development for an Apple Music version that’ll serve up even more of those singing celebs we crave. The freshly released extended trailer shows a world where Corden’s not in every karaoke session, but with intriguing celebrity pairings as a substitute when he’s not around. That said, there’s definitely a healthy splash of Corden in the series. Heck, he even sings with the Fresh Prince himself inside a helicopter in this early peek.

Currently slated for 16 half-hour episodes, the series seems pretty comfortable with leaving the confines of the vehicle. This allows for pairings like Metallica and Billy Eichner to roam a supermarket (yes, really), Alicia Keys and John Legend to make their presence felt at a laundromat and Blake Shelton and Chelsea Handler get soused at a bar. Provided John Cena and Shaq can manage to exit the vehicle they’re crammed in, we suspect you’ll see them somewhere else too.

The trailer is mainly a blitz of fun moments, famous faces smiling and Ariana Grande sharing showtunes with Seth MacFarlane. Check it out for yourself in the rectangle nestled above. A proper release date for Carpool Karaoke: The Series hasn’t arrived as of yet.