Carson Daly Apologizes for Being a Homophobic Douchebag, Still a Douchebag

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03.29.12 21 Comments

Carson Daly, host of “The Voice,” as well as “Last Call with Carson Daly,” a late-night talk show that no one in the history of the world has actually ever seen, has apologized for homophobic comments he made yesterday on his L.A. radio show. When discussing the JetBlue flight in which passengers had to restrain a pilot who had a meltdown, Daly moronically suggested that gay people would not have been able to handle the situation.

“If that were me … with my luck, it would be like, ‘This is the flight going to the [gay] pride parade in San Francisco,’” mockingly adding, “Uh, we’re headed down to Vegas for the floral convention.”

Daly offered a very sincere and heartfelt apology that didn’t sound like it was scripted by a PR rep at all. No. Not at all.

“I’ve long been a supporter of gay and lesbian rights, and I’m saddened that my comments, however unintentional, offended anyone, specifically members of the LGBT community,” Carson added in his statement. “The fact that I have hurt anyone is devastating. I’m not that guy. I’m proud to be an ally of the LGBT community and will continue to fight with them.”

Listen, Carson Daly: You’ve violated the one rule that the world expects from you: You’re not allowed to offend anyone. You are hired to be a bland, boring, lifeless mouthpiece for whatever soulless corporate entity has hired you. You’re great at it because you lack any discernable personality. You are cardboard lacquered in hair gel. You provide transitions between the stuff that people actually want to see; you fill dead air. That is your sole purpose in life: To blather monotonously between segments. That’s it. Nothing more. You don’t get to have an opinion because no one cares about your opinion. Just read the damn cue cards and shut the hell up.

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