Casey Wilson Recorded Herself After Going Under Anesthesia At The Dentist For Jimmy Kimmel

News & Culture Writer

Ever since “David After Dentist” hit YouTube way back in 2009 — now with an incredible 133 million page views — post-anesthesia videos have become something of a staple of the internet. So when Casey Wilson had to go under anesthesia at the dentist for oral surgery just ahead of her Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance Thursday night, she had the good sense to record it. And by “oral surgery,” she means a pretty simple dental procedure that her dentist refused to perform on her while she was awake, because apparently Wilson is not super great at the dentist.

In the recording, she addresses Jimmy and tells him that it’s a pleasure to be here and explains what just happened during her dentist visit. She goes on, holding up her bandaged hand, “So they put me under, and I had a nice vacation. I was looking forward to it! Feeling good, feeling happy to be out of my oral surgery and excited to be on national television [laughs]. Hoping it go- [burps] — excuse me — hoping it goes well. I don’t feel camera ready now, but I will be. You’re a nice … man.”

Seems like top form to me. And hey! She didn’t poop herself, even after turning down the complimentary anesthesia diaper offered to her.

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