The Cancellation Carnage Continues At ABC As ‘Castle’ Meets Its Demise

ABC’s cancellation bloodbath continues and the latest victim is a program that’s been a staple of the network for eight seasons. Yes, the dependable procedural Castle has joined the likes of Agent Carter, Nashville and even more offerings on the unfavorable side of the Alphabet Network’s chopping block.

Castle (which is a charming crime show you valued or something you just know as the mysterious thing Nathan Fillion’s been keeping busy with) has lived with the threat of cancellation hanging over its head before, but the move may come as a bit of a surprise considering that the show had plans for a ninth season even with Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett hitting the exit. Variety notes in their story on the cancellation that Castle had slipped into a ratings decline over the past few seasons.

At the moment, Fillion has not weighed in on the cancellation yet (his last tweet was about “fartoflage”), although we imagine he’ll have something to say about the gig he’s held for eight years. With one episode remaining, Castle will go from having a season finale on May 16 to a series finale. Going off the ad they’ve been running for Monday’s airing, this goodbye appears to be shaping up as a bummer for reasons beyond the show’s cancellation.

(Via Variety)