Catch All The Deleted Scenes From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 DVDs While You Still Can

02.18.14 6 Comments

Here’s almost 15 minutes worth of Game of Thrones deleted and extended scenes from the recently released Season 3 DVDs. It’s loaded with scenes featuring Jon Snow and Robb Stark and assorted Lannisters, as you’d probably expect. Most notably, for me, it features that deleted scene we saw a few months ago where Tywin fishes outside the castle. I loved that scene so much. There were a few reasons I felt this way, but mostly it was because the Lannister family patriarch is played by actor Charles Dance, and it made me wish someone would greenlight a nature show called Dance Brothers, featuring him and noted accident-prone TV fisherman Bill Dance. The two men head out to wrangle some bass, Bill falls out of the boat, Charles makes his disdain-filled Tywin Lannister face, repeat ad infinitum. I would watch that show forever.

But anyway, this video isn’t gonna last long, so get to clicking while the clicking’s good. Now. Hurry.

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