Katherine Heigl Is Back As A ‘Rebel’ Lawyer In The First Look At CBS’ Legal Series ‘Doubt’

Fresh out of the kitty litter and back into show business’s good graces, Katherine Heigl is a star on the rise once more. Having atoned for her sins against Knocked Up, and also been publicly praised by Seth Rogen, Heigl is focused on the path ahead as the star of CBS’s new legal drama Doubt, in which she plays a lawyer who – this may blow your mind – plays by her own rules in trying to win the highest of high-profile cases. Why is it so high? Because the heart is involved (*serious music plays*).

The new first look trailer for Doubt declares that Heigl’s character is a “rebel,” and of course she isn’t afraid to step up to the bigger, meaner big city law dogs. Will she take no for an answer? Not likely!

While Heigl hasn’t had much luck with television in the wake of her Grey’s Anatomy debacle, Doubt seems like a strong candidate to not only make it past the first season, but maybe even succeed in the long run. Starring alongside Heigl are Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black, The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Dulé Hill (Psych, The West Wing), Dreama Walker (Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23), and Elliott Gould (a ton of stuff that we like). Doubt premieres “later this season” on CBS.