CBS Gets On The Superhero Train With ‘Supergirl’

If you’d told a nerd five years ago shows based on DC Comics would be all over the major networks, they would have laughed at you. Now, the only broadcast holdout that will actually air a DC series just committed to an entire season of Supergirl.

Well, it probably won’t be called Supergirl, but a day after it was pitched to networks by Greg Berlanti, CBS picked it up. According to Deadline, they really picked it up. The season commitment is apparently larger than what DC got for Gotham, for which Fox committed to at least thirteen episodes.

CBS has been trying to step away from its admittedly highly successful Acronyms Solving Crime franchises, and more towards female-led series. So picking up a Supergirl-themed series makes a lot of sense for the network. This also marks the fifth series DC has on the air: There’s Constantine on NBC coming next month; Arrow, The Flash, and iZombie headed to the CW; and Gotham premiering next week on Fox. ABC will never happen, since, you know, they’re owned by Disney, so now, all DC has left is taking over the cable networks one by one. Hey, DC… you know you could do a Suicide Squad show on HBO, right? Just saying.