CBS Greenlights Dog Reality Show

Seeing as Warming Glow is the premiere destination for dog-related television news, I feel obligated to bring you this news: CBS has picked up a reality show about dogs.

CBS has picked up for summer “Dogs In The City,” a reality series starring New York City dog guru Justin Silver, which will premiere on May 30. In the vein of veteran Dog Whisperer, Silver, a dog trainer, behaviorist and owner of a pet care company, helps owners with any dog behavior-related problems. “Dogs are at the center of the story here, but this is a show that reveals as much about human nature as man’s best friend,” Mendelsohn said. [Deadline]

This story is such a letdown. When I saw the headline “CBS Greenlights ‘Dogs in the City,'” my mind started racing. I thought maybe it was going to be a gritty crime drama about a group of inner-city dogs coming up on the hard streets, like “The Wire.” Or maybe a show about a group of promiscuous, high-society fashionista dogs dealing with the trappings of modern-day romance, like “Sex and the City.” Or maybe a show about six doggie friends hanging out in upscale coffee shops and having lots of zany adventures, like “Friends.” Or maybe a show about cutthroat big city dog lawyers who fight for justice in the courtroom, but secretly have personal lives that are in shambles, like every lawyer show on TV. Or maybe a show about flashy dog cops going undercover to bust drug dealers their way, no matter what the chief says, like every cop show on TV. The possibilities were endless. Instead, it’s just another show about a dingus who tells people how to train their dog.

This simply will not do. Call me, Hollywood. We can fix this.

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