Why CBS Getting Thursday Night Football Could Be Good For ‘Community’

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There’s no competing with the NFL. There’s only hoping it won’t destroy you as badly as Jared Lorenzen does Cheezy Wedges at KFC. Sunday Night Football almost single-handedly kept NBC afloat last year, and now, because they’re unstoppable monsters, CBS is getting a piece of the primetime NFL action, too. For next season, and only next season (for now), CBS will broadcast eight games on Thursday nights.

The network will televise eight Thursday night games during the first half of the NFL schedule — all will be simulcast on NFL Network, which has aired the Thursday package in recent years — and NFL Network will air eight games exclusively late in the season.

The package consists of 14 contests (Weeks 2-12 and Weeks 14-16) on Thursdays and a Saturday doubleheader in Week 16, the penultimate weekend of the regular-season schedule. (Via)

Rumor has it The Big Bang Theory will move to Mondays, to fill the timeslot left vacant by the departing How I Met Your Mother. But what about Community? Well, this is good for Community, or at least not a total death sentence! (Parks, too, but we already know that’s coming back; it’s just a matter of when, not if.) Think of this way: any show NBC airs on Thursday is going to get KILLED, so why not have that show be Community, which will still get the same 3 million viewers it always does? Better to have an old show with a built-in audience and sh*tty ratings than a new show with no audience and sh*tty ratings. (This is, of course, assuming NBC actually WANTS Community for the fall.)

CBS is bearing down on NBC, but Community should find a way to fat dog it for another season.

Via USA Today

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