IMPORTANT: Cee Lo Looked Like Fat 1980s Prince On ‘The Voice’ Last Night

11.06.12 10 Comments

This is what Cee Lo wore on last night’s episode of The Voice. On television. Presumably on purpose. All of which means the following:

Cee Lo woke up, went about his day (possibly doing normal human things like buying milk and going to the post office), showed up at the studio where The Voice is filmed, and said hello to the security guards, catering staff, and other people associated with the show. Then he walked into his dressing room, opened up his closet, dug through a four foot thick wall of brightly colored feather boas (probably), pulled out a reflective puffy white vampire pirate shirt with a collar that stretches up over the bottom part of his ears, said “Hmm, this will go perfect with my Randy Watson wig,” and then he put them both on and strolled out to take his seat at the judges’ table next to Christina Aguilera, who I imagine responded to this potential upstaging by pushing her breasts up so close to her chin that it restricted her ability to breathe, and she ended up doing the whole show woozy and light-heated from lack of oxygen.

Or maybe he just showed up to the studio like that. I suppose we can’t rule that out. Either way, the important thing here is that Prince did it better.

via @WorldofIsaac

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