Celebrate 5 Years Of ‘Late Night’ With Jimmy Fallon’s 15 Greatest Dancing GIFs

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01.05.14 32 Comments

emma jimmy

Tonight is the unofficial end of TV’s holiday season. That’s because for the first time in weeks, there are new Sunday shows, including the return of Bob’s Burgers, American Dad!, and The Good Wife, as well as the season premiere of Downton Abbey. Meanwhile, NBC is desperate: they no longer have Sunday Night Football, so rather than rely on original programming and get a -0.5 Nielsen rating, they’re instead airing a five-year anniversary of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon retrospective. A glorified clip show, yes, but unlike most clip shows, it has Neil Young impressions and Emma Watson, so no complaints here. Also, SO much dancing. Here are some of Late Night’s finest dance GIFs.

1. Amy Poehler

jimmy amyjimmy amy 2jimmy amy 3jimmy amy 4

2. Stephen Colbert

colbert fallon

3. The Evolution of Mom Dancing


4. Desk Dance

fallon desk dance

5. Lucy Liu

lucy liu fallonlucy liu fallon 2

6. The B-Boy Spin

fallon spin

7. The Bar Mitzvah

fallon russian

8. Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda CosgroveMiranda Cosgrove 2Miranda Cosgrove 3Miranda Cosgrove 4

9. Emma Watson

emma watson fallonemma watson fallon 2emma watson fallon 3emma watson fallon 4

10. The I Have No Idea

jimmy swiveljimmy swivel 2jimmy swivel 3jimmy swivel 4

11. Sam Rockwell

fallon rockwell

12. Justin Timberlake

park like hot

13. The Snoopy

fallon snoopy dance

14. Paul Rudd

rudd fallon

15. Kate Upton

upton fallon

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