Celebrate Cinemax Renewing ‘Banshee’ For A Fourth Season With These Badass Fights

Arguably the greatest show we barely mention on this site is Banshee over at Cinemax. It is the closest thing we’ve gotten to Road House the television series, but with the benefit of ultra violence and nudity. Rowdy Herrington would probably kill for a show like this on his resume.

Cinemax just renewed the show for a fourth season and the news got some of us feeling a little wired. Instead of restarting the UPROXX underground pit fights, we looked up some of the brutal fights from the show. Most are from the first season here due to spoiler concerns, but I couldn’t help but include the fight between Burton and Nola from this current season. So spoilers ahead and all are definitely NSFW, but you knew that if you’re currently reading this.

The new season will consist of eight episodes in 2016, moving to Pittsburgh to shoot instead of North Carolina. If you have yet to check out the show, hopefully this can serve as some slight motivation to get off your ass and add it to your watchlist.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)