Celebrate ‘Wilfred’s’ Return With These Bitching Fourth of July-Themed Cards

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06.17.13 7 Comments

wilfred chairs

TV kind of blows right now. With the exceptions of basically Mad Men, Veep, and The Venture Bros., your mid-June options are either mindless fun (USA Network shows with quippy names), mindless boobs (True Blood), or mindless garbage (see: everything else, but don’t). As we discussed in our summer preview, though, there’s hope on the horizon: Breaking Bad comes back in August, obviously, but before then, Futurama, Under the Dome, and Wilfred will soon make not moving away from the air conditioner that much more enjoyable. (Plus, BRO.)

The last of that trio, Wilfred, premieres this Thursday, June 20th, and having seen the premiere, I can safely ay that it’s just as amusing and twisted as last season, an excellent step-up in quality from an unsure season one. To celebrate its return, FX released a series of Wilfred-themed Fourth of July cards that ought to appeal to fans of both sitcoms about mental breakdowns and dogs, in particular, fans of dogs wearing skimpy outfits. So, everyone.





Bitches be playin’ volleyball.

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