Key And Peele Still Had Some Hingle McCringleberry’s Antics Left Over For Stephen Colbert

If you thought you saw all of Key & Peele’s antics on Stephen Colbert’s live Super Bowl special, you were mistaken. It would seem that the team put together an entire separate sketch filled with more crazy celebrations that would never actually fly in the NFL. Or would they — I’m not sure about all the rule changes.

Both sketches start with the same intro celebration, but soon take very diverging paths. This includes some fine art, a viking funeral, some attempted CPR, and something you might see in a Marx Brothers’ movie. It’s not bad and honestly, the NFL should start allowing fun celebrations again. If you’re going to be forced to take away the hard hitting play on the field due ti player safety, you can at least get them back in the spirit of having fun.

Toss them a bone and let them bring fireworks onto the field or spin the ball like a top. Props, other teammates, and any other entertaining thing should be allowed. We’re already delaying games enough for commercials. Celebrations won’t hurt too much.

We can’t have pelvic thrusts, though. Children are watching and they can’t handle that.

(Via The Late Show)

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