Gorge On This Highlight Reel Of Celebs Showcasing Their Best Impressions On ‘Graham Norton’

03.20.16 2 years ago

Are you sort of person that goes weak in the knees for a celebrity trotting out an unexpected impression or accent? If so, the Graham Norton Show highlight reel gently nestled at the top of this post should have you wrapped up in its charms like a warm blanket. (Or possibly revisiting Ariana Grande’s bag of trick from SNL.)

The recently released nine-and-a-half minute supercut boasts the title “Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities” but that’s a smidge misleading considering that a healthy chunk of the impressions are things like “Justin Bieber struggles through a British accent” or “Jamie Foxx gives Cockney a go.” Still, there’s loads to love (like Foxx’s reading of “Corta Panda”) with a nice blend of celebs mimicking celebs, shrieking pig noises and the occasional Wookiee moan. Host Graham Norton isn’t immune to getting his own send-ups with Tom Hiddleston leaning into a pretty good one.

If you hit play on the compilation you’ll get such treats as Will Ferrell taking on Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey channeling a St. Bernard and Ryan Reynolds serving up his awesome movie voiceover guy impression while later displaying the nuances of Canadian speech patterns. There are certainly worse ways to spend a chunk of your Sunday.

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