‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Is Returning To MTV2; Who Should The First Fight Be?

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04.14.15 52 Comments

After refusing to tap out, and other wrestling terms our friends at With Spandex use, Celebrity Deathmatch is returning to television (again). The original iteration of the claymation series ran from 1998-2002, pitting the likes of Bono, Fabio, and Yoko Ono against each other. It was then resurrected by MTV2 in 2006; a year later, thrown away again, like a cup of hardened Play-Doh. But the public thirst for nostalgia, and seeing James Hetfield stuff Fred Durst with metal objects using a vacuum cleaner, is strong, so MTV2 is giving Deathmatch another shot.

Eight years after its six-season run came to an end, Celebrity Deathmatch creator Eric Fogel and Wasteland Entertainment are behind the new incarnation, with Chris McCarthy and Paul Ricci also on board as EPs. The new version will again featured animated no-holds barred fantasy fights between infamous figures from entertainment and pop culture and be reimagined for a social media world and hourly Twitter wars. (Via)

The question remains, who should the first fight be? Some suggestions:

Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift
Patton Oswalt vs. Salon’s editorial board
Ikea Monkey vs. Left Shark vs. Keyboard Cat in the battle of obsolete memes
Bill Cosby vs. Woody Allen
Emeril Lagasse vs. Two Fat Ladies battle from the original Deathmatch. Holds up super well!

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