This ‘Family Feud’ Fast Money Round Did Not Go Well At All

Alright, here’s what you need to know about this fast money round from Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

-This is the family of actress Katy Mixon, who you might know from Mike & Molly and Eastbound & Down, among other places.
-The first contestant got 131 points, and Katy’s sister Emily needed only 69.
-Emily is not a good fast money player.
-Emily thinks single people go out every day of the week.
-Emily also thinks your knees (not your neck or back) would hurt if you slept in an awkward position.
-If you’re a friend of Emily’s, don’t ask to borrow her cellphone.

Sure, we’ve seen worse fast money rounds, and she did clean house with the umbrella answer, albeit with extra time. That being said, damn this was bad.

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