Celebrity Yearbook Photos Encourage You To Chase Your Dreams In This Moving Honda Super Bowl Commercial

Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, Honda has released this minute long spot the company plans to run during the big game, advertising the 2017 CR-V with a slew of celebrity cameos. Or more specifically, the spot features cameos of the celebrities younger selves as seen in their high school yearbooks, who — thanks to the magic of CGI — have some important words of encouragement for a whole new generation of upcoming high school grads.

A fresh-faced Tina Fey kicks off the spot by saying, “When you start out, you might not know where you’re going, or what you’re doing, or why you’re carrying this red rose with you,” (yearbook photographers and those dang roses) and from there Robert Redford continues, “You just keep going, keep your focus, and avoid the distractions,” as all the teenage girls around him sigh dreamily. The rest of the ad features Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliott, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel, and Viola Davis, who all stress the importance of believing in yourself and following your dreams.

While it’s all very moving, we have to give a shout out to poor Fred Savage who only gets to do the voice over for the commercial instead of actually appearing in it himself — although to be fair, he was technically already pretty accomplished by the time he graduated high school. Either way, Kevin Arnold gets no respect.