‘Channel Zero: Candle Cove’ Brings A Creepy Internet Meme To Life

Channel Zero has a fairly interesting premise: adapting unusual horror stories and creepy urban legends that spread online, better known as creepypasta, as televised horror. And as the footage above shows, it’s fairly effective; watching Paul Schneider (aka Mark from Parks and Recreation) stab a little girl is pretty unnerving just on its own. But what exactly is going on, and what do all these puppets have to do with it?

The story begins with Kris Staub, known around the internet for various webcomics and webseries, including PvP and Blamimation. It takes the form of a series of forum posts with some adults reminiscing about a local children’s puppet show. Suffice to say it takes something of a turn, being a horror story, but you can read the whole thing at the link. Staub managed to fool quite a bit of the internet, though, pretty much by accident, and you can still find people convinced Candle Cove was real. From there, it spread, and now, it’s a series.

Channel Zero‘s interesting structure means we’ll get six episodes exploring Candle Cove starting Oct. 11, and next year the No-End House will get a series of episodes. Considering the internet is a bottomless repository of campfire stories, we suspect Channel Zero will have no shortage of material.

(Via Blastr)