Watch Channing Tatum Feast On Ants And Teach Bear Grylls How To Dance

No matter how successful his new show is in the ratings, Bear Grylls has a thing or two to learn about showmanship. Kicking off the first season of NBC’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls with a supposedly troubled young actor like Zac Efron was a big move, because his name was still fresh in the tabloid news after he was rumored to be dealing with some substance abuse problems. Following that up with an A-lister like Ben Stiller was also strong, because a show can never have too much star power. But then on last night’s episode, only halfway through this debut season, Grylls and Co. shot their wad by having Channing Tatum test his survival skills in Yosemite National Park. Come on, NBC. Everybody knows that C-Tates is the closer, baby. Da King Dingalang who finishes the damn thang.

Regardless, Tatum and Grylls were a perfect pairing, as the survival expert taught the Magic Mike star a few pointers about keeping his ass out of trouble if he ever finds himself sleeping on a cliff, while Tatum reciprocated by showing Grylls how to bust a move. We’re very fortunate that NBC shared this powerful moment among some digital exclusives from last night’s episode.

As for those survival tips, how’s a playboy like C-Tates supposed to keep his sh*t live and mad real if all hell breaks loose? By eatin’ ants, son.

Judging by the way the sun was hitting his dome, it’s looking like it’s almost time for Tatum to take a page from his friend Jason Statham’s playbook and shave the whole thing off. Now, something for the ladies out there, as the ass-shaking action star opened up about what it’s like to have his life flip turned upside down as a first time parent.

But what about those rock hard abs, C-Tates? How’s a kid like me out here on these streets supposed to get a leg up and avoid all those harmful snacks? Fortunately, the ever-giving Tatum also shared his diet secrets with Grylls.

Haha, women be craving kale, am I right? Meanwhile, a man in the wilderness craves only one thing – cake. And C-Tates loves some cake, you haters.

Finally, while Tatum made saving the free world look easy as John Cale in White House Down, he looked like a clumsy baby horse as Grylls taught him to run off the edge of a cliff and down the side of a mountain.

Don’t worry about the heartthrob moments being over, though, because next week Grylls heads out on an adventure with Tom Arnold.