Channing Tatum Is Waiting For Jonah Hill To Keep Up His End Of Their X-Rated ’21 Jump Street’ Bet

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06.09.14 6 Comments

Jonah Hill has come a long way since giving a heartfelt apology on The Tonight Show. There’s no talk of that here on Conan, instead we get him and 22 Jump Street co-star Channing Tatum talking about their incredibly x-rated bet stemming from the first movie.

It seems that Hill bet Tatum that it wouldn’t be a successful movie and break $30 million, with Tatum taking the opposing route. Hill lost and the penalty was getting down, puckering up and kissing C-Tates on the tip of his d*ck.

The shocking part here is that Conan didn’t just force them to make the bet square right there on the set. Get it taken care of on national TV. Censors be damned, we have ratings we need to get and Reggie Watts is guest AGAIN this Thursday.

(Via Team Coco)

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