Channing Tatum Shows Jimmy Kimmel His Daughter’s Marlon Brando Poop Face

Everybody’s favorite former male stripper and the hardest working man in $how Bizna$$$ty, Channing Tatum, was a guest on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to support his upcoming sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending. While it would have been great to hear him talk about why we shouldn’t be concerned about the Wachowski Siblings’ latest film being bumped from last summer to a *gulp* February release, C-Tates is always at his best when he’s just being charming and letting us know what it’s like to be an A-list actor and father.

His daughter, Everly, is a year-and-a-half old now, but he still compared notes with Kimmel, who is a new father, on the joys of being shat upon several times a day. There’s nothing quite like hearing parents boast of their babies’ pooping abilities, and C-Tates explaining his daughter’s “poop face” was about as endearing as feces-related chit chat can be. If that wasn’t enough, though, Kimmel shared the fact that as a child Tatum had an imaginary friend, simply named “Boy.” That led to this beautiful reunion…

If you prefer to get some actual film news from actors on the late night talk show circuit, Tatum also opened up on what it’s like to be making the leap to the exclusive honor of acting in a Quentin Tarantino film, as he was one of the final additions to the cast of The Hateful Eight.

Coen Brothers, Tarantino and a new role in the X-Men franchise… remember when C-Tates said he was going to take a little break from acting? Haha, hell naw, son. Playboi’s gonna werk like Miley’s gonna twerk. Respek.