Here’s What The Cast Of ‘Charles In Charge’ Has Been Doing Over The Last 25 Years

10.03.15 4 years ago

When Joanie Loves Chachi ended its less-than-stellar run in 1983, TV executives scrambled to find another vehicle for its lead actor, Scott Baio. After all, you don’t just leave the star of Zapped! and The Boy Who Drank Too Much twisting in the wind. So, on October 3rd, 1984, CBS premiered Charles In Charge, in which Baio played a young college student who worked as a live-in babysitter in exchange for room and board. It lasted seven months before CBS pulled the plug.

Less than two years later, the show — with a revamped cast — returned on first-run syndication. It ran four successful seasons and made stars out of its young cast. It also had the benefit of having two talented veterans (James Callahan — who passed away in 2007 — and Sandra Kerns) anchoring the cast as the Powell children’s grandfather and mother, respectively.

It’s been twenty-five years since Charles In Charge aired its final episode. Here’s a look at what some of their stars have been up to since then.

Scott Baio – Charles


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Baio’s first acting role following the end of Charles In Charge was a TV series based on the movie Look Who’s Talking. Unfortunately, Baby Talk didn’t last past his first season on the show (the show’s second). Fortunately, the following year, he took a recurring role on Dick Van Dyke’s comedy/drama series Diagnosis: Murder. He also had an iconic guest role on Arrested Development as Bob Loblaw, keeper of the Law Blog. More recently, he’s been playing himself — first in Wes Craven’s werewolf flick, Cursed, and in VH1’s reality shows Scott Baio is 45… and Single and Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant.

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