Charlie Day Explains How They Almost Killed Danny DeVito On This Season Of ‘It’s Always Sunny’

Charlie Day and his rugged ISIS beard took a moment to stop by Conan to talk a bit about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It turns out this season was an eventful one for the cast, especially Danny DeVito. It seems that the gang almost killed DeVito this season by weighing him down during a water scene.

It turns out that he floats well when in the water, so to get a certain shot, DeVito had to be weighed down. Then when they all rose out of the water, only Danny didn’t make it all the way up. It’s something to look back on with a laugh now, but it ended the shooting day quickly and likely put a new provision on that Sunny contract he’s got.

Day also talked a bit about his beard, which is apparently for season twelve of Sunny — or some sort of rugged comedy parody of The Revenant — and revealed that his status as a TV star doesn’t get him out of speeding tickets just yet. His wife has no trouble and people seem to recognize her from the show, but Charlie just can’t get a break from the cops. Don’t they know he was once a cop himself on TV? Or at least he attempted to be one, like Serpico? Cleaning up the streets and getting no respect for it.

(Via Team Coco)

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