We Spoke To Charlie Day About Mac’s Big Revelation On ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

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On the most recent episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “Hero or Hate Crime?” (and if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you may want to stop reading now), longtime fans of the show finally got what they’ve wanted after 12 seasons when Mac admitted that he’s gay. We spoke to Charlie Day, who’s in the middle of a press tour for Fist Fight, about the decision to finally resolve this for Mac and Day says a big reason for this episode is because they knew it disappointed fans of the series when they did something similar last season, but then took it back.

“Well, I think the season before we had him have that moment and then quickly take it back,” says Day, “and I think there were maybe a lot of people who were sort of disappointed by that, which makes sense. That’s what our show is. You know, these characters are out to disappoint you.”

But, in the end, what was better for society won out even over characters who never stop disappointing us. Day explains, “But I also think with what the sort of message is behind him making that decision, I think it actually does more sort of societal good to finally have Mac make that decision. So we decided, all right, let’s find a way to actually have that happen.”

And how does that happen? “Rob [McElhenney] and Glenn [Howerton] and I all sit and talk together,“ says Day, “All right, are we going to do this? Are we comfortable doing this? Is it the best thing for the show? Is it the best thing for the character? And then we kind of try to execute it the best way we can.”

It’s Always Sunny is currently enjoying some of its best reviews, which is really remarkable for a comedy that’s been on for 12 seasons. Twelve! Day, for one, doesn’t take that for granted and makes no bones about it being the best experience of his professional career.

“Yeah, I love it,” says Day with a true sense of pride in his voice. “And Sunny has been the most rewarding, creative experience of my life. I’m really proud of Fist Fight and I really hope people are going to go laugh and enjoy it. And getting to be in a giant monsters and robots franchise, Pacific Rim, is super fun. But nothing is closer to my heart than making that TV show. And nothing is more gratifying in this business than when you’re making people happy. And you’re trying to entertain them and that they’re entertained and occasionally provoked to thinking. And yeah, I’m thrilled with it. I’m thrilled with the response, and hopefully, we can continue to keep making episodes that reach people in the way that they are.”

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