Charlie Day Was Once In A Thomas’ Bagels Commercial

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07.09.13 10 Comments


As much as I normally like to avoid sharing Tonight Show clips, Charlie Day reliving a Thomas’ Bagel commercial he starred in long before his Always Sunny fame is too much goodness for me to pass up. Especially since Leno & Co. managed to score footage of the actual commercial, which is something the show is surprisingly good at (previously: Aaron Paul dominates The Price Is Right in the late 90s).

How Charlie Day going bonkers for bagels has remained hidden while Rob McElhenney’s anti-smoking PSA was unearthed by the internet years ago is a mystery to me. If there’s a local bird emporium commercial starring Sweet Dee out there that I don’t know about there will be hell to pay when it surfaces.

I like the commercial a lot more when you pretend it’s a Charlie Kelly prequel. Bagel > friends and pretty lady. Pretty sure the prequel plan pertains to Pacific Rim as well.

UPDATE: Here’s a Cascade commercial he also did that I actually remember.

The Tonight Show via Splitsider

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