Charlie Hunnam Might Not Be Appearing On ‘Mayans MC’ But He Will Definitely Be Tuning In

Former Sons of Anarchy star and upcoming King Arthur: Legend of the Sword headliner Charlie Hunnam knows where he came from. Although SOA wasn’t his first entertainment industry rodeo, but it’s where audiences first new him as a leading man and latched onto his talents. Now that an SOA spinoff series is on the way, courtesy of the original’s creator Kurt Sutter, Hunnam made sure that fans know he will be watching when it finally premieres.

Based on how the original series ended (spoiler alert!), it’s pretty obvious that Hunnam’s character Jax Teller won’t be showing up at all on the new series. Since he’s dead and all. But in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly the actor shared his viewing plans for Sutter’s new endeavor.

“I really think that, honestly, anything that Kurt [Sutter] is doing I’m excited about, ’cause I think he’s a phenomenal writer and has such a unique voice and vision.”

“I obviously got to know very, very well the world of California motorcycle clubs and I just think it’s a very rich, vital, exciting world. I think that the idea is that they’re going to focus on Mayans, so it’s exciting. I’ll certainly be tuning in.”

Sure, there is always the chance that flashbacks or oblique references to Mr. Jax Teller could necessitate a flashback or two, but the probability of that happening was always slim to none. These comments cement the fact that he is moving on in his career and and is more than happy to watch the Mayans cruise around on their motorcycles and cause trouble from the comfort of his own couch.

(via Entertainment Weekly)